To My husband, My Power Ranger *a love letter, Part 2

Hey you,
Hello again.
Have I told you lately that i love you?
Coz I do.
More and more each day.

Its your special day, coz its your birthday.
Its my special day, coz its your birthday.
Its ghozy's special day, coz its your birthday.
Its our blessed day, coz Allah send so many happiness throughout the days.

Dear my husband, my beloved one,
As usual, I have nothing to celebrate your birthday, only un-meaningfull words of a love letter.
Words of thankfulness.
Dear you, thime flies so fast, eh?
You are 32 now. Old enough to be a wiser man. I wish you a better man to live your life, love your family, and passionate on your job.
Honey, its almost our second anniversary of marriage (1 year, 9 months, 21 days). When I say it like that, it seems the time is so sort, but during this time we have so many gift, laugh, joy, and happiness, as we have a little bored-feeling, do as you like-i dont care, madness, cry and pain. This almost-two-years time is our crazy-lovable time.

Dear my husband, my man,
Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always by my side during this time. Thank you for being my best-man ever.
As I told you many times, it is not good when you are messing up on something (Did you see my watch, my wallet, my cell phone, my key?)
It is also a bad thing when you got crazy on your job while you forget to text me, lost your signal, low your battery, and that such thing that cause me lose of hope.
Despite all those thing, you always be my all-in-one package. You are my best friend, my guru, my personal trainer, and of course, my lover. :D
Thank you for always supporting me and putting me first, for putting up with my crazy personality and constant energy even when you are so exhausted, to not forget to say "you are pretty" no matter how messy I am, to texting me with a simple love words during rush our.

Dear my husband, my power ranger,
Doing something for you and with you is my joy. I never gonna be perfect on doing this, but as I have you, i know I can handle it. I am sorry that I still make mistakes in doing my wife-things. I often felt un-patient with your bad habit, getting mad without any reasonable reason, my cooking was bad, my mood was worse, and so on, and more. I am so sorry for being un-perfect wife, and may be I will never be. I may be cannot promise you to always by your side in your difficult time, your sad and sorrow, and to be truth, I can promise you that I will not be with you for most. I just cannot promise you much of anything, but I can promise you this : I'll give you the best of me.

Dear Ahsan Asjhari,
Lets be a better partner from now on, for the sake of me, ghozy, and happiness.
Happy Birthday again Ayah Ghozy,
May Allah always protecting and loving you..

Lots of love,
Bunda and Ghozy


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