Selalu, kaulah yang jadi juaranya....

Talking about you my boy, will never been an end. You are my person in charge of happiness, a rainbow of the day, a light of my nite. You give me laugh, love, n life. My highest gratitude praise to You, Allah, for sending him in our fam. Rabbi habli minassholikhin.. I wish to raise him up to be a sholeh kid.
Sometimes, i feel this situation is unreal. That i am a mother of this cute baby boy. But then, u'r bright smile pops me up that u r real. Here, in my arms to be hold. Alhamdulillahh...
It is always sad when i have to kiss you bye bye every morning for work. It is never easy to be a working Mom. You'll maybe never know how to face a broken feeling when i have to leave you home with the baby sitter.
I admit myself to be guilty for not being a full mom for you boy. I regret it, but it seems i cant do anything about it. I need the money. Thats it, end of conversation.
I start my work at 8.00 A.M and ended at 5.00 P.M. Seeing u early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  I tell you boy, it is hard. I have to push myself to the limit in the office, while my mind is always around you. 
When I come to a meeting, i have to cut my self in to two. One for the very important discussion, other for your upcoming food. When I drowned myself in a very important document, I also thought what you were doing at home.
No matter how busy I am at work, it is always you on my mind.
You, you and you.
And your daddy of course.
Maybe this not supposed to be this way, but i love you, i love you, i love you both, more and more each day.

my precious 


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